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Our mission at mamoru is to accelerate access to sustainable living. We provide services for people to increase their impact while having fun and building meaningful connections.  

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Discover 1000+ listings of sustainability-focused places, products, and events from plant-based cafes to daily life goods to workshops and classes. Help others take action for sustainable living by recommending your favorite places, products, and events.

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Internships, volunteering, projects, and part time jobs for impact 

Find opportunities to develop yourself and make an impact with sustainability-focused organizations and companies.

Designs for Earth

Designs to encourage sustainable consumption

For business owners of cafes, shops, restaurants to increase actions for sustainability and reduce carbon emissions through implementing designs. To learn more or join this project, contact us at  

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Zero Waste Challenge

Sustainability assessment for small businesses

Self-assessment for business owners of cafes, shops, and restaurants to understand their current level of sustainability and additional actions to take. To learn more, contact us at  

This initiative is in collaboration with Zero Waste Japan.

About us

The name mamoru comes from a Japanese word meaning to protect. 


Using mamoru, we hope that more people can take action, and help others take action, to protect the earth.


Learn more about us here.


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We are looking for talented HS and university student interns and working professional volunteers to help grow our impact. If you are interested in helping out with any of our initiatives, let us know!

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