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mamoru is a free mobile app that connects you to sustainability-focused shops and businesses. 

The name comes from a Japanese word meaning "to protect."


When you visit and support the listed shops and businesses, you can help protect the environment and society.

Our mission is to protect our planet by accelerating access to sustainable living. 

We believe that together, our day to day actions can lead to global changes. 


Our "torii"logo represents an appreciation of all natural things.

Our logo is an interpretation of a Japanese "torii" (gate) found at Japanese shrines. It is inspired by the belief that all natural things are sacred and have a "kami" (spirit).


 The logo represents an appreciation of all natural things and is a reminder for us to protect the natural world. 

How Mamoru Works 

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1. Search for shops and businesses contributing to sustainability

Search by area - Zoom in or out the area of the map where you want to find a store, and click on "Search here" 

Search by store category - Click on the category displayed at the top of the screen such as  "Restaurants/Cafes", "Fashion", "Food", etc.

Search by sustainability category - Click the filter icon at the top right of the screen and select the specific category that you want to search

Read more about the map categories here

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2. Add new shops and businesses

Contribute to expanding the sustainability map by adding your favorite shops and businesses that have not yet been listed.

Click on "Add a Business" to suggest a new shop or businesses and our team will verify the shop. 

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3. Contribute reviews and photos 

Support the businesses you love by adding reviews and photos to help inform other users to visit the business.

Click on "Add Review" on the shop page. 

Our Goals for 2025
By the World Expo in 2025 


Sustainability Map Spots


Global Members


Actions for Sustainability

"Actions for Sustainability" are actions that can be measured through the app that include visiting the sustainability-focused businesses on the map, adding businesses to the map, adding reviews, and more.