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Bianca Yamaguchi

Kobe Ambassador

From a business consulting firm in Tokyo, Bianca started the zero-waste social movement in Japan. She founded the Zero Waste Japan community in 2015. She now works in sustainability, circular economy & design, and zero-waste as a consultant through her company the Zero Way.


Hiroki Kondo

Ushiku Ambassador

Hiroki works as a designer and is a member of the sustainability group, Spiral Club. 


Robin Rauner

Kyoto Ambassador

Robin moved to Kyoto in 2015 to study International Relations at Ritsumeikan University. She founded and currently contributes to the Kyoto Eco Map, an interactive guide to eco-friendly, ethical, organic, and plant-based businesses and initiatives in Kyoto.

After working in Singapore, he moved to Kyotango City. He is currently working to revitalize the local economy of Kyotango, while also engaging in beach cleanup and educational activities to help build a future for children.


Katrin Funk

Nagoya Ambassador

Sustainability coordinator, environmental activist, and Zumba instructor in the Aichi area. Katrin is a founding member of local environmental groups like Fridays For Future and Climate Action Nagoya. She organizes monthly clean-ups, plant-based vegan lunch events, seminars on climate change, and workshops on the SDGs.


Millie Takayama

Tokyo Ambassador

Sustainability advisor, YouTuber and tea ceremony performer. Founding member for the bio store "Yaoya Epicerie" in Guethary, France. Focusing on Zero Waste, Millie spreads the message of sustainable living through YouTube and her tea performances around the world.


Alana Bonzi

Fujisawa Ambassador

Alana is the Co-Founder, Director of a not for profit SEGO Initiative with her husband, Michel. She organizes immersive Satoumi themed experiences like the Fujisawa Beach Cleaning Project, Expo Mer Fujisawa, Clean S.E.A., and the Satoyama themed Organic Farming Shonan Project. She promotes cross-cultural relations,  corporate-community collaboration, and local area economy revitalization while protecting the marine environment.

Kana Watando

Kamikatsu Ambassador

Kana is a Japanese Canadian, born and raised in Canada. She currently resides in Kamikatsu, Tokushima, Japan. Through INOW, she hopes to be a living bridge - connecting guests with the local community and helping discover the wonders of Kamikatsu!


Agata Ordon

Poland Ambassador

Born in Poland, Agata currently studies at Kozminski University in Warsaw, where she organized a conference with Mercedes-Benz covering topics of smart city & electromobility in order to spread SDGs and positive practices among students. Agata is a One Young World Ambassador and a University Coordinator of the Positive Impact Rating. Her goal is to implement the combination of management, law, and sustainability for a better world!

Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Akira engaged in waste policy as the president of Zero Waste Academy in Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, where Japan's first "Zero Waste Declaration" was made. From 2020, she joined Zero Waste Japan, a general incorporated association, where she works on building a model for a recycling-oriented society in Japan and abroad. She co-chaired the 2019 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

Akira Sakano

Japan Ambassador

Kai grew up in Sri Lanka and Kenya when she was little due to her father's work in international cooperation. Throughout her life, she thought about how to fix capitalism so that it does not depend on developing countries or exploiting workers. She believe that our consumption is our vote for the future, and wants to change how we consume. She is currently working with "Asaza Project" to regenerate Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki and to spread "Satoyama" culture in Japan to connect our lifestyle with nature. 


Kamakura Ambassador

41348508_889540887919005_7785179006311071744_n (1).jpg

Ruka Yamauchi

Kyoto Ambassador

Ruka is a student of Ritsumeikan University and lives with her grandparents, who are farmers in Kyoto. She became interested in using vegetables for paints and dyes after seeing that large amounts were being thrown away due to their bad shapes or colors. She now hosts various workshops with kids, highschoolers, and adults to provide new ways to enjoy vegetables other than just eating them.  

165369524_549341413126241_123977021336722315_n (1).jpg

Suchi Smita Mahato

Spain Ambassador

Originally from India, Suchi is based Girona, Catalonia, Spain, pursuing a PhD on tourism social enterprise. She has Masters in Tourism Management and a Bachelors in International Political Economy. Suchi has previously worked in wine imports and tourism in the Maldives.

165183367_826954704524206_2852040631005829774_n (1).jpg

Linda Ding

Kamikatsu Ambassador

Linda Ding was born in China but grew up in the United States and Canada. She moved to Kamikatsu in 2019 on a whim, after visiting the village on a writing tour.  In 2020 Linda co-founded the INOW program in Kamikatsu.


Takahisa Taniguchi

Japan Ambassador

Environmental activist providing lectures on climate change more than 300 times a year throughout Japan

Yoshihiro Okamura

Kyotango Ambassador

Viktoria Zsory

Kyoto & Okinawa Ambassador

Actress, model, casting agent and teacher promoting environmental protection, zero-waste, natural living, a circular economy, human and animal rights. Organizes beach, ocean, and mountain clean-ups. Founding member of Kyoto Vegans and Vegetarians community.

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