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What is Mamoru? 

Mamoru is an app that connects consumers to sustainability-focused shops and products. For sustainability-focused businesses, you can list and sell your products directly on the mamoru app to receive orders from customers anytime, all year round.

How Does It Work? 

1. Customers order and pay through the app

2. You receive the order by email and app notification

3. You confirm and ship the order to the customer

4. The sales amount minus commission fee will be transferred to your bank within 14 days

Our Commission Fee Breakdown 

5 -10%

Platform Fee (Varies Depending on Business Size)



Payment Processing Fee



Minimum Donation to a Partnered Nonprofit

There are no initial fees, listing fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees.


The total 9.6 - 14.6% sales commission fee will be deducted from the total sales amount when a product is sold. Donation recipients are selected by customers with each purchase from a listed of partnered nonprofit activities. 

What Shops are Eligible to List Products? 

We are building more than a marketplace. We are building a community of like-minded people who want to make their local area and the planet more sustainable. We are looking for shops that share the same goals and are making effort towards sustainability. We are looking for shops under the categories below.  


The use of the products sold through the business will contribute society or the environment. For example, the sales of reusable products to minimize waste or natural products to reduce microplastics or harmful environmental chemicals. 


The sales of the product itself contributes to society or the environment. For example, a business that donates to a social cause when a product is sold, supports a disaster affected area or local area, an organic greengrocer, a natural or organic farm, or an nonprofit.


The shop can donate a minimum of 5% through Mamoru with the sales of a product. This will make the total sales commission equal 13.6% (5% platform fee + 3.6% payment procession fees + 5% donation)

Such Products Can Be Listed and More

Zero Waste Bathroom

Products to Reduce Waste


Vegetables and Fruits

Image by Caroline Attwood

Meat and Fish

Chocolate Truffles

Fairtrade Products

Image by Julietta Watson

Recycled and Upcycled Products 

Sewing Leather

Traditional Craftsman Products

Tea Container

Organic Tea and Coffee

Image by Rai Vidanes

Processed Foods

Image by Charles Deluvio
Health Shake



Health Foods

Clothing Rack

Ethical Clothing


Domestic Made Products

Application Flow

1. Download the application and create an account

2. Fill in the application form

3. Mamoru reviews the application and creates your store account

4. Add your products and finish setting up your store 

Contact us if you have any questions!