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Reach and engage new customers using mamoru

We help shops and services doing sustainable initiatives to grow their revenue and impact.

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It takes less than 5 minutes! After creating a user account, click on "Add Place" in the header to register your shop or service.

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Let's work together to protect small businesses and protect the planet. 

About us 

mamoru is a sustainable living app that connects people to shops and services doing sustainable initiatives. 

You can discover 900+ shops and services doing sustainable initiatives including plant-based cafes, ethical fashion brands, zero waste shops, social businesses, and more.

We are on a mission to accelerate access to sustainable living. We help consumers take more action for sustainability and help businesses doing sustainable initiatives grow their revenue and impact. 

Easy and free to register

Apply to Join

It takes less than 5 minutes. First create a user account and then click on "Add Place" to add your shop or service information. 

We review your application

It takes about 7-10 days or longer to verify your shop and sustainable initiative(s). We may ask for additional details.

Your shop or service is listed on mamoru  

Immediately reach a new audience and get access to engagement tools and additional perks to grow your business.

What you'll get

Your Page Listed on mamoru

You can convey your story, sustainable initiatives, and featured products and services for new customers on the web and on mamoru to discover your shop. 

Announce Limited-time Products and Events 

You can announce new products and events to engage new and current customers and increase their repeat rate.

(Under development)


You can create and sell memberships or subscriptions to new and current customers to build up your fan base and recurring revenue. 

(Under development)

Additional Free Perks

  • We create an English page for your shop page to reach international audiences

  • We promote your shop or service on our website and social media

  • We can connect you with other business owners doing sustainable initiatives

We only make money when you make money through customers purchasing your subscriptions, an optional service. Everything else is free.

0 JPY 
Initial Fees and Monthly Fees

9% → 3.6%
Commission fee for Subscriptions

Promotional rate of 3.6% is for a limited time.

Join our network of over 80+ businesses and 900+ locations

From community organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, social ventures, and for-profit businesses doing sustainable initiatives around the world

It takes less than 5 minutes! After creating a user account, click on "Add Place" in the header to register your shop or service.

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