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Online Experiences 

for Remote Teams & Clients



We provide online team building and client bonding experiences and activities to boost business performance. These experiences are suitable for various companies regardless of the type of business activities. The online experiences are held in English, Japanese, or a combination of both languages. All experiences support social or environmental initiatives such as supporting local revitalization.

Great for social gatherings for remote teams, getting to know clients for projects, year-end parties, cross functional teams, remote international teams, and welcome and farewell parties.



An IT company booked an online Japanese Sake Tasting experience for 25 participants including company members and client members working in different remote locations inside and outside of Japan. 

The participants all received a sake tasting set of 4 bottles of sake, joined the online experience, learned about how the sake was made, and enjoyed talking and making sake cocktails together.  


An advertising company booked an online tea ceremony experience focused on mindfulness for 65 employees, who were mostly working from home.

All participants received a tea ceremony set and organic tea delivered to their homes. They joined online and enjoyed the experience making tea, drinking tea, and socializing, while having a chance to reflect on their mental and physical health.

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