Frequently asked questions

General Questions

How do I login to my store account on my computer?

Mamoru is a service of Gochiso Inc. and the member store accounts can be logged in and managed via Gochiso's web system. This can be accessed using the link below.

What is Mamoru?

Mamoru is an app that connects consumers to sustainability-focused shops and products. For sustainability-focused businesses, you can list and sell your products directly on the mamoru app to receive orders from customers anytime, all year round.

How should I process and deliver the order?

1) After receiving an order, you must view the order on the app, and click on a button to confirm the order.

2) You must prepare the products, packing materials, and packing work. Then arrange the delivery with a delivery company. The customer has already a digital invoice so a printed one is optional.

3)After the order has been shipped, please also click on the app to notify the user that it has been shipped.

How will I be notified of an order?

You will be notified of new orders via an email and an in app notification.

How do edit my store information?

You can edit your store information from photos, to description, to product listings by logging in to your store account dashboard on the store management site at

Who pays for shipping?

The customer pays for the shipping cost. Please set the shipping cost (including tax) from your store account on the store management site.

What kind of products can be sold?

You can sell various goods from packaged foods to household goods to apparel. However, you must be a registered business and have the correct license to sell the product.

How and when will I receive the proceeds?

The sales amount minus the sales commission rate will be transferred to your registered bank in 10-14 days from the confirmation of the order.