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Philip graduated from UCLA in Earth and Environmental Science and World Arts and Cultures in 2011 and moved to Japan to study radiation safety at Kyoto University. In 2016, after obtaining his PhD, he established his social venture, Gochiso, to support nonprofits and the food industry in Japan. In 2020, he established his new venture, mamoru, to accelerate actions for sustainability.


Community Development

Born in Tokyo, spent elementary school years in China, Erisa is currently studying economics at Keio University. Her core interest lies in sustainable development. Recently became more conscious about her own impact on earth, she hopes to empower others and herself through helping to develop the mamoru sustainability map.


Social Media

Misaki was born in Japan and spent her childhood in England and New Zealand. She has visited 37 countries, and developed interest in sustainable living to preserve the beautiful landscapes and cultures she encounters during her travels and for the next generation. With mamoru, she wants to spread sustainable actions and choices that can be adopted in daily life for people who do not know where to start.


Photo Management

Maya was born in Japan and is currently studying in Tokyo. She has lived in the US and Brazil and is passionate about photography, traveling, and sustainable fashion. Through the Mamoru app, she hopes to help spread the joy of living a sustainable lifestyle.

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Social Media 

Miki is currently a student at the Dokkyo University. After hearing a lecture by photojournalist Natsunoki Yasuda in high school, she became interested in life in developing countries and humanitarian aid. At university, she is a member of FEST TOKYO, a student international cooperation organization, where she served as the head of the 8th Overseas Project Department. She is currently researching eco-friendly lifestyles with sustainability as her keyword, and has been working as an intern since autumn 2020.


Adiutkarsh Mishra

Photo Management

Born and raised in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Adi moved to Japan to study mechanical engineering at Kyoto University. He is interested in hybrid technology and alternative energy resources.

Norah Hoang

Web Developer

Originally from Vietnam, Norah came to Japan in 2010 to study Sustainable Development at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. She is now based out of Tokyo. While a recruiter by profession, Norah remains an advocate for sustainable development at heart. She believes in the collective power of each and every individual making sustainable choices every day. Norah was drawing a little map of zero waste shops around Tokyo for her own, when she heard about mamoru. She didn’t need to think twice at the opportunity to join the effort!

Sage Alexander

Social Media

Sage was born and raised on the west coast of the US. She studied environmental science at the University of Washington and after graduating she moved to Japan. She has years experience with a plant based diet and has a long-standing passion for vintage and secondhand clothing. Her recent interests include the circular economy and conscious design. Sage believes that individual effort is meaningful and can create a cascade of change. She joined Mamoru to promote accessibility and ease of sustainable choices for everyone.



Mona was born in Japan and is currently studying development studies and economics at International Christian University. She is interested in humans rights of people with disabilities especially in developing countries since she did volunteering in Tanzania. Through interaction with people she met when traveling to Tanzania, Malaysia, the countryside of Japan, she realized the importance of sustainalbe ways of living.


Social Media

Carolin was born in northern Germany in the countryside. Since she started studying geography her interests in Zero Waste and saving the environment became a focus in her daily life. Besides her studies in soil sciences, she is passionate about playing rugby. At her rugby club, she is managing the social media channels and she is responsible for public relations such as organising the main tournament. Carolin is convinced that doing big changes for a sustainable world is possible with continuous little steps and the help of a great team!



Kayo was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and is Japanese. She is currently studying Economics at Keio University in Japan. During her years studying in Shanghai, she has been more aware about how small decisions can impact the environment around which therefore raised her interest in environmental-related issues. Through Mamoru, she hopes to further develop her knowledge about sustainability and to take small actions to contribute to the world.



Natsuki was born in Japan and has lived in the UK. While studying broad areas at International Christian University, she began to search for sustainable and ethical alternatives.
After coming to take the idea of veganism and zero waste into life, and noticing that the choices are not accessible to everyone, she is hoping to make steps toward a livable environment for all.


Photo Management

Nana was born in Japan and is currently studying infomatics in Keio University. She loves animal and  interested in solving the problems of global warming. Recently, she read a book that mentioned about living plastic-free and was inspired. So she's trying to change her life to more sustainable nowadays.

Aika Miyazawa

Database Management

Aika is currently studying International Relations at International Christian University. As the database management team leader for the mamoru app, she hopes to help more people to live sustainable lives.




Database Management

Born and raised in Vietnam, Kim is now a student in Toyo University in Tokyo majoring in finance. After coming to Japan, she joined 350 Japan as a volunteer. Since then she got to know more about environmental issues and how to get involved in finding solutions. She is interested in sustainable living, ESG, and entrepreneurship. Through the internship with mamoru, she hopes to understand more about sustainable businesses and to help bring our work to more people!


Photo Management

Leigh was born in the Philippines and is currently studying Global Innovation Studies in Toyo University. He is interested in International Relations and Politics. Since studying about the intersectionality of social sciences and the SDGs, he has became a pescatarian and hopes to promote plant-based lifestyles to his peers. He hopes that with mamoru, people will finally be able to have access to more plant-based options.


Database Management

Erika was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently studying Sustainability as well as International Law at a Dutch university. Her interest in environmental science began at a young age through watching multiple David Attenborough documentaries and the interest grew after attending a lecture by primatologist, Dr. Jane Goodall. She joined mamoru in 2021, and hopes to make sustainable living more easy and convenient for others through this app.

We are seeking volunteers

We need your help to expand the sustainability map to different areas. If you're interested in becoming an intern or volunteer to help promote sustainability, please contact us!