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Philip graduated from UCLA in Earth and Environmental Science and World Arts and Cultures in 2011 and moved to Japan to study radiation safety at Kyoto University. In 2016, after obtaining his PhD, he established his social venture, Gochiso, to support nonprofits and the food industry in Japan. In 2020, he established his new venture, mamoru, to accelerate actions for sustainability.



Business Development

Hello, I am Sonam. I am from Bhutan, and I am currently doing my BA in Environmental Studies at Keio University. I am primarily interested in conscious consumerism and minimalism.



Community Development

Natsuki was born in Japan and has lived in the UK. While studying broad areas at International Christian University, she began to search for sustainable and ethical alternatives.
After coming to take the idea of veganism and zero waste into life, and noticing that the choices are not accessible to everyone, she is hoping to make steps toward a livable environment for all.



Business Development

Hi, I’m Moe Taki. I was born and live in Chiba (next to Tokyo), and now I learn architecture in my university.



Social Media

Hi, I’m Hibiki. I was born in Oita and raised in Yamaguchi. And currently live in Córdoba in Spain. I’ve lived in Kyoto to study for 4 years, and had the best experience there!

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Community Development

I was born in Hamburg, Germany, and raised in a small town just north of Hamburg. Studying Japanese and Linguistics, I spent a year in Kyoto as an exchange student. The strange misconceptions about non-Japanese people I was made aware of during this time, made me decide to come back to Japan after graduation, thinking that I might use my skills to promote globalization. I’m now based in Osaka, working in translation and international cooperation. For a while now, I have been switching my focus from languages and culture to sciences and environmental awareness (as a second passion of mine).

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Norah Hoang

App Development

Originally from Vietnam, Norah came to Japan in 2010 to study Sustainable Development at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. She is now based out of Tokyo. While a recruiter by profession, Norah remains an advocate for sustainable development at heart. She believes in the collective power of each and every individual making sustainable choices every day. Norah was drawing a little map of zero waste shops around Tokyo for her own, when she heard about mamoru. She didn’t need to think twice at the opportunity to join the effort!



App Development

My name is Hiep. I came from Vietnam and have been living in Japan for about 8 years. Currently working as an IT consultant. Interested in Fintech, EdTech, cutting-edge technology like Deep Learning, Blockchain.



App Development

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Seeking to use my professional skills and experience to improve people's quality of life and promote workplace efficiency. I believe technology has the power to increase safety, reduce repetitive tasks and make our world a better place for everyone. Throughout my professional career, I have led projects, resolved team disputes, and collaborated with various members of companies and teams.



Business Development

Sarah left her job in edutech in Singapore after taking night classes in dress making and realised how ridiculous it is that companies can sell clothes at less than $10 when she took a month to make a skirt.

She will be graduating from Fashion School in a few months but is not stressing enough about finding employment (partially because her research project is enough to fill her plate already).

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Product Design

Hi! I’m Alicia and I’m from Korea. I came to Japan around 3 years ago and currently living in Tokyo. I work as a recruiter now while doing freelancing job in design.



App Development

Nice to meet you! I am Russell and I am currently living in Tokyo but am originally from the UK.

I fell in love with programming over 2 years ago and have been working with it everyday to improve and learn. I am also currently taking a BSc in Computer Science!



Social Media

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App Development



App Development

Hey! I’m a sophomore in an international school in Tokyo. I’m originally from India and have lived here all my life.

Born and raised in Taiwan, and now living in Japan:) My name is Vivian and I’m a full-stack developer who’s passionate about finding effective solutions to problems, with interests in both front-end and back-end.

Hi there, my name is Karen. Originally from the Philippines but living here in Japan for almost 4 years and just finished the web-dev fulltime course at Le wagon last month. I’m really grateful to be part of mamoru.

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