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Volunteering & Internship 

We are looking for bright and passionate individuals to join our team and mission to accelerate access to sustainable living.

Our Goals for 2025

Move 10 billion yen to sustainable businesses

Increase student interest in sustainability from 45.3%* to 70% or more

Increase student engagement with sustainability from 20.9%* to 40% or more

*Survey n=553, February 2022 - April 2022

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Who We Are

 We are a diverse team of 30+ passionate volunteers from around the world working remotely from various places including Japan, Australia, Germany, India, Vietnam, and France, united in our mission to make a more sustainable world. Our team is always growing and we hope you can be a part of it too!

Who we are looking for

We are looking for help in various teams from business development, to app development, to social media and more. We accept applications from highschool students to working professionals who are interested in joining our mission. The work is unpaid, however, you will be able to gain a once in a lifetime experience working for a up and coming social venture. 

Are you someone who wants to learn new skills or apply your existing skills to a social cause? 

Feel free to apply!


Location: Remote
Our members are based around the world. Most of us reside in Japan. We accept applications from anywhere, regardless of location. Our meetings are online so as long as you can join the necessary meetings and can succeed in your role, we welcome you.  
Language: English & Japanese
Our meetings are held in English, so a minimum of conversational English is needed. The work may be done in either English or Japanese.
Work hours: Flexible
It depends on your schedule. We want to make the experience flexible for you so that you can give and get as much value out of your experience working with us. 
Contribution: 100 hours minimum
We ask all members to complete at least 100 hours of volunteering or internship with us.


Business Development

Expand our number of sustainable shops and brands. Help the shops increase their revenue and impact through our services. 

Social Media

Create and promote mamoru content on Instagram and Tiktok.

App Development

Develop, improve, and maintain our service. We are looking for those with knowledge in especially React, Next.js, PHP/Laravel, Python/Django

Product Design

Help with UX, UI, and visual design.

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